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What QuickBooks Desktop Pro can do for your business?

QuickBooks Desktop Pro is the most useful accounting software for small to medium-sized businesses that enable you to know where your business is standing. It keeps the data and information of your vendors, and employee at one destination. The user can easily access that information with simplified navigation through QuickBooks Pro. The latest version of the QuickBooks Pro software demands a simple system requirement of Windows 7 or higher operating system, 2.4 GHz or higher processor, minimum 4 GB of RAM but 8 GB is recommended by the professionals, 2.5 GB of Hard Disk storage and the requirement to register the product. QuickBooks Pro can handle all the data and information and allows for more in-depth reporting such as inventory, job costing, fix QuickBooks Accounting Errors and allows for more users per file.

Get Upgraded to QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020

Every time with some new update, QuickBooks offers several new features in its product which also includes the latest version of Desktop Pro 2020. The latest version comes out with lots of improvements in the features and makes the software more user-friendly in nature. It offers features like multi-monitor assistance, search of chart of accounts, reports that are automated, smart search enabled, other filters like report filter, regular reminder of pending funds, real-time view with a snapshot of the company. Other features include tracking all the sales, accepting the credit card, invoice multiple users at the same time through batch invoicing, importing all the data from MS excel etc.

Features of QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020

Track Sales tax: It defines which products and clients are taxable and track sales tax automatically throughout the month.

Manage bills and accounts payable: The user can maintain the cash flow and take action in unpaid bills.

Run reports: It stays ready for tax time with reliable reports and schedule automatic reporting.

Multi-monitor Assistance: With multiple windows, the user can do their work easily and handle it more efficiently. It allows multiple users to log in at the same time. Now, all the users have access to control their reports with various permissions.

Tack Inventory: It tracks products, cost of goods and receives a notification when the inventory is low and creates purchase order so that the users can track what’s on order.

Organize everything at one destination: QuickBooks Pro 2020 gives user the option to create invoices and statements easily. With just a single click, you can get a glance of all created invoices without any hassle.

Chart of Accounts Search option: The user can find an account easily through search bar in the Chart of Accounts section. You only need to fill in the name and the search bar automatically provides you entire results.

Feature of remaining logged in: This new feature benefits user to remain logged in to the QuickBooks without getting logged out when the session runs out.

However, if you have face any issue related to QuickBooks Desktop Pro you can get high-quality assistance through QuickBooks Customer Care as our team is ready to provide assistance 24/7. You can reach us by emailing your query at our email address and we ensure that the issue gets resolved quickly. Our team consists of dedicated members where each individual is trained to provide immediate solutions to our users.